Throughout July, we’ve been sharing stories from our staff and students at Canopy Life. We asked them, “What’s your favorite memory since you’ve been here on campus?”

The responses have really brought smiles to our faces! If you haven’t seen the videos on our social media, we didn’t want you to miss them.

Below are a few short clips of our favorite responses for you to watch. We hope they make you smile!

John’s favorite memory: an inspiring story from Christmas on campus 2020

Gladys’ story from campus is one about discovering her talent

How amazing is it that Gladys’ favorite moment at Canopy Life just so happened to be captured on camera?! Our students are dreaming big dreams and setting big goals, and we can’t wait to see those goals and dreams become realities.

What Daniel loves about Canopy and his best day on campus so far!

Who’s ready to take swim lessons from Dan? This kid is sure to make waves.

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