It’s been a whirlwind of a month on campus lately, but we’re finally catching our breath after end-of-term exams! We have some fun innovation projects on tap, new desks on campus, and some exciting things to report from this past month. Check it out below!


Our Homelife program at Canopy Life is thriving and ever changing! We mentioned last month that we welcomed a new student to Canopy Life Academy named, Janelle! She has been adjusting well to life on campus and jumping into her studies. Go, Janelle,go!


Did you know we have a Journalism Committee on campus? They’ve been busy bees collecting stories from our students about their faith journeys, exhibiting virtuous behavior, and all the amazing stuff they’ve been up to over the Christmas break, like acts of kindness and service projects. They will use these stories in their upcoming campus magazine -we can’t wait to read them!

Our Homelife staff have been are stepping up their game with some insightful readings and training sessions. They’re delving into “Habits of the Household” and meet with every other week to gain insights from each other on what they’re learning. They have also conducted one psycho-educational training for all staff on ‘Understanding Teenagers.’ What a blessing to have a staff so committed to staying in tune with our students!

With the sun shining bright, our students are making the most of the hot season with plenty of swimming and outdoor games. They recently embarked on a super cool trip to Village Market in Nairobi. Check out these pictures below… What an adventure!


Now, on to Spiritual updates! The students are continuing in their bible study of the Gospel of John and tackling some big topics in their mentorship program:

  • The purpose of creation – Everything God created has a purpose, even though sometimes humans don’t know or understand it.
  • Man and the environment – The responsibility given to man was to take care of and tend to the earth. Our students learned that taking care of the environment is for the benefit of man and the entire creation.
  • Corruption of the heart – The fall of man brought about the devastation we see today. As a result of that, the heart of man has always been deceitful and in need of a savior.
  • Righteousness – Formerly we were slaves to sin, but now through Christ we are called to be slaves to righteousness. They also learned that righteousness that is acceptable to God is only found through what Jesus did on the cross!

It’s truly inspiring to see their growth!


And last but not least, let’s talk academics. The children rocked their end-of-term examinations. We also had new desks and chairs delivered to campus.

Oh, and did we mention our Class 8 students are making some serious progress with their hydroponic gardens? Take a look at the kale and onions they’ve grown – Delicious and Nutritious!

Here’s another incredible moment from campus. The students had an opportunity to learn pottery from a local artist this month. They had the best time and were very impressed by the local artist’s vase.

What an exciting month it has been!


Our staff in Kenya have asked for prayer!

  • Pray for the students and their families as they break for holidays.
  • Pray for our teacher, James, as he prepares to get married this April! Pray for peace as the couple steps into a new season as husband and wife.