At Canopy Life, we believe sponsorship can be authentic, creative, and fun!

We offer a uniquely personal sponsor experience!


Get to know your student (for real) through consistent communication and updates.
You can also reach us at any time.


intentional interactions and the opportunity to visit your student in Kenya allows for real connection between you and your sponsored student.


$45 a month will change a child’s life

Be part of what God is doing to grow Kenya’s future leaders!

What does my sponsorship cover?

Your sponsorship is combined with others to cover the home and spiritual programs for ALL Canopy Life students. It creates a guided, nurturing environment and ensures they are provided with life-changing discipleship, food, clothing, and medical care. In this way, you sponsor the school and build a relationship with one specific child.

How many sponsors does my student have?

We have seen time and time again the power of multiple positive mentors in the life of a child, and that is why Canopy Life goes beyond a simple one-to-one sponsorship program. Each student has five sponsors which create a “Sponsor Team.” This means you’re never alone and unified with others to change lives

How do you select students?

Our students are children with leadership potential who otherwise might not get the opportunity to thrive. Our ideal child is from a rural village, has at least one living parent, and is doing well in school but unable to realize his or her true leadership and entrepreneurial capacity within the traditional school format.

Where are Canopy Life students from?

Currently our students are from the rural communities of Kwambekenya, Karagoto, Ngaamba, and Koma Hill.

How long is the commitment to sponsor?

Ideally a sponsor would stay on through the duration of the child’s education so there are consistent voices encouraging and mentoring the student. However, we realize that situations change. If at any time you need to pause or cancel your sponsorship, simply contact our office at

How long is the school year at Canopy Life?

The children attend our school eight months out of the year (starting in January). They have breaks in April, August, and November/December, at which time they travel home to be with their families.

What can I send to my student?

We invite letters and emails year-round, and we always welcome book donations for our library. However, we discourage individual gifts outside of our annual Sponsor Box (which happens in the Fall). You are also welcome in year-end giving to contribute specifically to your student’s uniform or school needs.

Be part of what God is doing in these children!

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