Whether you’re leading an organization, a team, or your family, if you watched the hit series Ted Lasso on Apple TV, Ted has some great life lessons we can all glean from! In an era craving authentic leadership, Ted Lasso, the fictional soccer coach with a mustache that’s as much a trademark as his boundless optimism, has become an unexpected mentor for so many of us. His journey, from an American football coach to leading an English Premier League soccer club, is more than just a storyline, it’s a masterclass in leadership, team building, and really…how to be a good human being!

Here are some of our favorite lessons from watching Ted Lasso that can be applied in the work place, in your home, or anywhere you do life.

Lesson from Ted Lasso #1. Embrace Optimism and Positivity

Ted Lasso’s relentless positivity, even in the face of adversity, teaches us the power of maintaining a hopeful outlook. His approach is not about ignoring challenges but about tackling them with a positive spirit. How can we foster an environment around us where hope and positivity drive action, encouraging others to see opportunities when all they can see are obstacles?

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2. Build Genuine Relationships

Here’s a lesson from Ted Lasso that can be a bit tricky but so worth the effort! Ted has a knack for forming genuine connections with everyone around him. From players to the club’s kit manager, Nathan Shelley, this knack underlines the value of recognizing and appreciating everyone’s contributions. Building genuine relationships within the walls of our home tends to be a no-brainer. But creating them in the workplace or in friendships? That can be more challenging…

What does it look like in your life to create genuine relationships?

Questions we can ask ourselves: Are my relationships rooted in really getting to know the heart of someone? Am I appreciating the people in my life for who they are, without thinking about the bottom line, or am I thinking about what I can receive in return?

Whew. Tough, but good questions!

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3. Vulnerability and Continuous Learning

Never stop learning! At the end of the day and at the end of our life, we know that we still will not know even a fraction of what there is to know about life! Sharon Fieldstone (Ted’s therapist) helps Ted lean into vulnerability and acknowledge his limitations, particularly his initial lack of soccer knowledge.

This openness not only endears him to his team but also sets a precedent for a learning-focused leadership style. Our lives, whether it’s our work environment or our growing children, are ever-changing and ever-evolving.

Embracing vulnerability and an “I actually don’t know-it-all” attitude can foster a culture of continuous learning.

This can lead to stronger teams and relationships around you!

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Lesson from Ted Lasso #4. Good Ideas Come from Anywhere

Acknowledging that great ideas can come from any level, any age, and any type of experience is the cornerstone of Ted’s philosophy. This inclusive approach to his coaching ensured that every voice was heard and valued. Ted fostered an environment of collaboration and mutual respect.

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5. Be a Goldfish

Perhaps one of Ted’s most memorable lessons, “be a goldfish,” serves as a reminder to let go of past mistakes and focus on the present! No matter if you messed up just yesterday or your past is filled with what feels like unforgettable mishaps or mistakes, adopting this mindset of letting go and showing your present self grace can help you become more resilient. It can help you be a better example to those around you and free you from the mental bondage.

Letting go helps us on the journey to becoming the truest and most unique versions of our God-created selves that we can be.

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We hope you found some of these lessons we learned from Ted Lasso helpful!

Remember, no matter what setting you find yourself in, life is about more than just achieving goals. It’s about building a community around you that’s grounded in positivity, empathy, continuous learning, and a deep-seated belief in doing the right thing. YOU have the power to help create that!

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