Our 2023 Annual Report is here and we are excited to share our progress, stories of success, and vision for Canopy Life’s exciting future with you! 

We want to thank everyone who championed Canopy Life, our students, our staff, and our mission through donations, prayer, and so many other avenues of support. As the saying goes, ‘It takes a village’, and we believe we have the best village out there. Thank your helping make 2023 a great year for Canopy Life International! 

Here are some of our favorite highlights from 2023 that you can find in our full Annual Report below!


Brian Mwangi was Canopy Life’s first ever high school graduate! Brian’s story is one of resilience and hope. Raised in Kahara Village, Kenya, within a nurturing, Christ-centered family, Brian faced significant challenges from an early age. The scarcity of clean water meant daily treks to a distant river, with the water’s poor quality often leading to illness. This struggle extended to his education, as the long journey to school was compounded by the need to carry water for basic sanitation needs. To continue reading Brian’s story and how his life changed through his time at Canopy Life, click here!


2023 was full of energy and excitement, from new and returning visitors on campus, to new sponsors joining the Canopy Life story. There was never a dull moment, check out more of our accomplishments and wins!


If you’ve been following us on social media and receiving our emails, you know we launched the biggest campus project in Canopy Life history – the Building Brave Capacity Campaign! Our vision is a campus of 200 residential students in grades 4-12, including a thriving residential life, beautiful and peaceful grounds, and engaging, interactive spaces for learning, worship, emotional growth and social connection. 

However, Canopy Life is currently facing a critical need. Our school’s growth and programs are restricted due to lack of residential, instructional and administrative spaces. A unique challenge we face as a boarding school is that growth must occur in both the academic and residential areas simultaneously. Classroom space must increase at the same rate as the residential space to house these students. Queue BUILDING BRAVE – we are raising the funds to expand our campus and make our mission more accessible to more students! Check out more here.

We would love for you to check out the full 2023 Annual Report and celebrate with us all that God has done through Canopy Life this past year. Click the button to read it now!