You may be surprised that after adjusting for inflation, charitable giving by Americans was almost seven times as big in 2016 as it was 62 years earlier, topping out at 390 billion dollars given in 2016 alone.

That is a massive increase in generosity…but why and how has it increased that significantly? (Source: Philanthropy Round Table)

A couple reasons explain this increase…

  •  The biggest reason – the U.S. population has almost doubled in size. However, if we recalculate for inflation-adjusted charitable giving on a per capita basis, we see that has also increased by 3½ times.
  • We live in a country with an expansive economy and a standard of living that refuses to stagnate, which has also contributed to this rise.

Where is all this generosity going?

Covering 39% of all donations, religious charities remain the US population’s favorite charities to be generous towards. This includes everything from church tithing to religious affiliated non-profits that serve the poor, provide medical care, or emergency response during natural disasters. After that, education comes in at 19%, followed by human services at 15%.

Who’s behind all this generosity?

It’s easy to assume the majority of the 390 billion dollars in charitable giving was donated through big corporations. In reality, 71% of that number came directly from individuals just like you!

Why be generous?

A couple of weeks ago we posted a blog about the science behind generosity and what we learned was fascinating. A few of the major points on the power of practicing generosity – science says it can improve….

  • Your overall mental health
  • Self esteem
  • Your life span could potentially increase
  • And your overall happiness could increase

To read more from that blog, click here.

Ways to be generous towards Canopy Life this holiday season!

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