‘Tis the season to be generous! And while many associate generosity with money, the true spirit of giving extends far beyond the constraints of our ability to give financially.

The holiday season brings an opportunity for us to think about ways we can incorporate others into our lives and give of ourselves in a multitude of ways. We want to explore ways we can be generous in our everyday lives, beyond just financial contributions!

Here are 7 creative ways to be generous and to expand our thinking around generosity…

1. The Gift of Time:

One of the most precious gifts you can offer is your time and in our currently society, time can be hard to come by these days with how fast we move. Slowing down and finding a day or week to volunteer is a great way to be generous.

Maybe you volunteer at your local homeless shelter or food kitchen, maybe its stopping by a local nursing home and spending time with the elderly, or maybe its volunteering with a non-profit that needs an extra set of hands this holiday season. Your time and attention can make a world of difference to someone else! Who in your life needs that the most this season?

2. Acts of Kindness:

Small acts of kindness can have a huge impact. This could look like leaving a note of encouragement for a co-worker you know needs it, helping a neighbor with their groceries or cleaning up fallen leaves in their yard… maybe it’s as simple as holding the door for someone. These gestures can create ripples of generosity that leave people wanting to pay it forward to others! What can you do this week for someone else?

3. Skill Sharing:

You may be an excellent cook, an artist an expert at organizing, a musician…we all have individual giftings and skills we can use to bless someone else. What is something you or your family is gifted in that you can share with someone else this season?

4. Donate Goods:

Clean out your closet and donate gently used clothes, toys, and household items to local charities or homeless shelters. Your unwanted items might be just what someone else needs. What excess do you have that you could you give to someone else?

5. Kind Words:

Words are powerful. Compliment others, express gratitude, and spread positivity! A kind word can lift someone’s spirits and brighten their day. Is there someone in your life who you know would really benefit from some kind words right now?

6. Support Non-Profits Through Social Media Advocacy:

While you might not be able to make financial donations, you can still support non-profits you care about by becoming a social media advocate. Follow their pages, share their posts, and raise awareness about their fundraising efforts this giving season. Your simple share could reach someone willing to contribute, impacting the organization in a big way! What non-profit can you become a social media advocate for this giving season?

7. Embrace the Spirit of Listening:

Sometimes, the greatest gift you can give is a listening ear. Be present for others, hear their stories, and empathize with their struggles. Your understanding can provide immense comfort and support, be sure to prioritize listening and understanding over what your response is going to be, sometimes all someone needs is for someone else to hear them and not give advice.

This giving season, let’s remember that generosity isn’t confined to our financial abilities, it can be in our actions, our words, and our willingness to make a difference, no matter how small.

We encourage you to pick a few, or even all 7 ways to be generous this holiday season, and make a big difference in the lives of others!