What do the artist Courbet, drip painting, and the Holy Spirit share in common? Canopy Life’s most recent Deep Roots lesson, of course!

Deep Roots is a discipleship curriculum developed by and implemented at Canopy Life Academy. It’s purpose is to guide students on an intentional path to a clear understanding of: Mighty God, Godly Me (character), Family Love, and Strong Community. One of the unique aspects of our Deep Roots class is that it doubles as our Arts program where spiritual truths are taught creatively through singing, dancing, art and drama.

In our most current Deep Roots lesson, students will learn about Goodness: being pure and true in all that you say and do can only come through the Holy Spirit. Through the lenses of artists like Van Gogh, Courbet, and Pollock, students will explore the question, “What makes art good?” They’ll then dig deeper into the question, “What makes a person good?”

We hope you’ll join us in learning more about Goodness. To use this lesson plan in your own classroom or to teach it home, download the free resources below. We’ve provided our lesson plans, as well as media slides in both PowerPoint and PDF formats.

Goodness Lesson Plan (PDF)

Goodness Teaching Slides (PowerPoint)

Goodness Teaching Slides (PDF)