There’s a lot to report on this past month with new things taking place every single day! From new interns to new innovations, here’s what happened around campus this past month!


We have new interns on campus! Our interns help us make everything we do on campus possible while also learning valuable lessons and work experience in the process! We are so grateful for them. Check them out below:

Homelife at Canopy Life is thriving! We’ve recently welcomed a new student named Janelle! She is adjusting well to Canopy Life and her classes, and we are excited to watch her flourish and open up as the days go by.

When it comes to our counseling department, many – if not all our students have hit puberty. So, we have placed a major focus on self-awareness, appreciating diversity, and conflict management in their sessions. Another exciting activity was held by our Board Member, Khari Manuel, who recently traveled to Kenya to visit, encourage, and lead the students in some timely activities! Check out the vision board workshop he facilitated for the students!

Check out this quote from Khari that explains the heart behind this activity! “In the journey of life, a strong vision acts as a compass, guiding us through the storms and challenges that come our way. A clear vision helps us define our goals, values, aspirations. It gives us the clarity to make decisions that align with our true selves and brings fulfillment.”

The students have received both January and February’s items from their sponsor box’s that each of their individual sponsors mailed. As you can imagine, they were thrilled, especially by the Valentine’s cards and letters! Thank you to all of our incredible sponsors who took the time to fill and send a sponsor box!


The students are currently in a bible study of the Gospel of John. They meet every two weeks to have group discussions about what they’ve learned and are experiencing through the Word!

So far, the students have been able to understand the eternal personality and the humanity of Jesus Christ. Additionally, from the story of Nicodemus, the students were able to grasp the concept of “being born again” and are well equipped to share the gospel with their friends and neighbors!

From our ongoing mentorship program, we covered the following topics this past month:

  • The purpose of creation – The students understood that everything God created has a purpose, even though sometimes humans don’t know or understand it.
  • Man and the environment – The students understood that the responsibility given to man was to take care of and tend to the earth. They also learned that taking care of the environment is for the benefit of man and the entire creation.
  • Corruption of the heart – They learned that the fall of man brought about the devastation we see today. As a result of that, the heart of man has always been deceitful and in need of a savior, which eventually should result into a better world.
  • Righteousness – The students understood that formerly we were slaves to sin, but now through Christ we are called to be slaves to righteousness. They also learned that righteousness that is acceptable to God is only found through what Jesus did on the cross!
Learning personality types at Canopy Life


This past month has been filled with a lot of studying and preparation as the students headed into their midterms and midterm break! They each put their best foot forward in studying and focusing on the tasks in front of them.

In the Innovation program, we’ve been actively engaging students in tackling design challenges through sketching, prototype development and testing. Recently, students crafted a diverse range of solutions, including leather purses, curtain holders, and peg bags, tailored to address various needs across our campus community.

They’ve successfully completed the Design Thinking 5 course, culminating in a comprehensive final quiz. Throughout the program, the students creatively addressed real-world problems such as:

  • insufficient peg storage in dormitories
  • overloaded pockets due to a lack of personal item storage
  • inadequate space for toilet paper storage in washrooms
  • and cumbersome management of lengthy HDMI cables.

We’ve found that getting the students to look at the issues surrounding them on campus and create solutions to those problems will prepare them for a future of innovation.

We want every student to grow into an innovative adult who will work to make life better for themselves, their families, and their communities!


Our staff in Kenya have asked for prayer!

  • Pray for the students and their families as they break for midterm.