As our students break for the holidays and head home to spend some much needed time with their families, we are looking back on the exceptional school year we had!

For the month of November, we had the pleasure of having all of our high school students on campus with us. We connected, learned new things, and grew together!


The Counseling Department is intentionally building our high school students into emotionally healthy agents of transformation!

This month we focused on two main topics; self awareness and conflict management and resolution.

Our High School Students are Learning About Self-Awareness

During our self awareness lessons, the students did two personality tests. The first one was the MBTI personality test, which helped the kids understand themselves better. This test narrowed down the specific qualities of each personality type which gave the students a more detailed understanding of their traits, strengths, and areas they can improve on.

In addition to the personality test, we organized for a professional counselor to speak to the students and lead them through a career test.

Our high school students are at a delicate stage where they’re beginning to forge their career paths. Most of the students were unsure on what careers to choose, however, after going through the personality test, they all managed to get more clarity on their way forward. We also had a closing session on goal setting where the kids were guided to develop “SMART” goals as they work towards their careers. 

Learning the Skill of Conflict Management

We took the students through a psycho-educative session on assertiveness where we discussed the negative implications of aggressive and passive behavior as well as the benefits of assertive behavior. We then had a follow up session that helped them understand the dynamics in conflict and how to healthily deal with conflict in their own lives.


We have covered  a range of crucial topics this past month that have impacted the students spiritually, The curriculum included lessons on ‘Being Fruitful,’ ‘Standing Out for Jesus,’ ‘Making Decisions’ (illustrated through the compelling story of Josiah), and ‘Living a Victorious Life.’ Each day commenced with morning devotions, addressing broader spiritual themes. Remarkably, the students have not only displayed a keen eagerness to absorb knowledge but also exhibited a big desire to serve, showcasing their commitment through dedicated participation in devotions. The holistic experience not only fostered spiritual growth but also instilled a sense of purpose and responsibility among the students!


Throughout November, we concentrated our efforts on revision, specifically targeting topics that posed challenges for students from this past year. In a comprehensive approach, the Education Department examined subjects that students found particularly challenging, ensuring better understanding by covering the material again in a new way. The teachers collaborated by involving other one another and leveraging their diverse expertise in various subjects.

By addressing specific areas of difficulty and incorporating the collective insights of the Canopy staff, we worked to enhance the overall academic preparedness of our students, fostering a more comprehensive and supportive educational environment.


This month, our high school students engaged in various educational and practical experiences as it pertains to innovation. They participated in lesson recaps, with a focus on business branding and the art of establishing resilient brands. In addition to classroom activities, students dove into hands-on woodworking projects, contributing to the construction of a new guard station on campus.

Our students also embarked on an innovation trip, visiting two distinct entrepreneurial ventures. The first stop was a plastic processing company, exposing them to the intricacies of problem-solving and its application in a business context. The second venture led them to a well-known eatery in the Nairobi Metropolitan area, providing firsthand insights into the challenges and triumphs of initiating and managing a business in the Kenyan economy. These experiences not only broadened their perspectives but also equipped them with practical knowledge essential for future endeavors.


Our staff in Kenya have asked for prayer!

  • Pray for our staff member, Collins, as he prepares for his wedding which will be in December
  • Pray for the interns as they transition out of Canopy
  • Pray for all of our students as they break for their holiday