Learning personality types, robotics, teacher training, and more…all in this month’s update from the Canopy Life campus in Kenya!


The counseling department has been focusing on the topic of assertiveness during the month of October! The main objective of this lesson is to help each student build the ability to reason independently and say no to things that go against their principles and values. This lesson was very effective! It helped the kids learn how to communicate their thoughts and feelings openly, and directly, with respect. We incorporated role play, which gave the kids a platform to showcase their creativity and apply the lessons learned.

Learning Personality Types

The students took a deep dive into learning personality types. We specifically focused on introversion and extroversion. Each child did a personality type test that helped them identify whether they are introverted or extroverted. This lesson helped the children build their level of self awareness. Each child got to understand their character traits, strengths, and weaknesses.

Through this lesson the children identified ways they can help each other work on their weaknesses and become better versions of themselves.


Our mentorship sessions with the students have focused on the theme: “When I am down.” In these sessions, we dove into three crucial topics that resonated with our students.

The first topic: “Pick yourself up,” aimed to empower and equip our students with the tools and mindset needed to overcome life’s challenges and setbacks.

We also explored, “Knowing the heart of the Father. This one explored the importance of understanding God’s unconditional love and compassion, fostering a deeper spiritual connection, and sense of purpose.

The third topic was “Living a victorious life. It encouraged our students to lead a life of triumph and purpose, relying on lessons from previous sessions to overcome obstacles and achieve success!

During our recent morning devotions, our students have been super active in sharing the Word daily. This month, they have been showcasing tremendous growth in their understanding of scripture and their ability to teach others.

Their newfound confidence and illustrative examples during teaching have been truly inspiring.

Learning personality types at Canopy Life


Our Grade 7 students have completed their national exams: Kenya Intermediate Level Education Assessment (KILEA). We have seen tremendous improvement in their test scores!

Our Grade 6 students are undergoing thorough training to equip them with the skills necessary to tackle their examination. This comprehensive preparation process is aimed to ensure their success in the upcoming Kenya Primary School Education  Assessment (KPSEA) exam. 

Additionally, our language teachers participated in a training program on the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in their teaching methods. They are excited about bolstering their ability to leverage technology for enhanced learning experiences.

A group of selected teachers participated in a Book fair at Sarit Center in Nairobi. Their goal was to evaluate and select the most suitable class materials for Grade 7 and 8. The hope is to enhance the quality and variety of reading materials and ultimately, the literacy of the students.

To provide a well-rounded education, we organized  two swimming lessons for the children at Wonderland Resort. These varied activities collectively reflect our commitment to holistic and comprehensive education at Canopy Life.


Grade 6

Our grade 6 students have remained dedicated to their capstone projects! They’ve been working tirelessly on developing innovative solutions aimed at enhancing the lunch experience at Canopy Life.

Their creativity and problem-solving skills have been put to the test as they brainstorm ways to design a more enjoyable and efficient dining environment.

Canopy Life has many different personality types
Canopy Life Meal preparation

Grade 7

Our grade 7 students have been obsessed with their robotics lessons! They have been introduced to the world of Arduino, a well-liked robotics coding language, through their curriculum.

The students have jumped at the chance to apply this new knowledge. They have started working on fascinating projects! Some are building a traffic signal simulation and learning how to utilize distance sensors to calculate distances precisely.

Their practical experiences have imparted useful technical skills and cultivated a profound understanding of the convergence of technology and daily existence.

Innovation at Canopy Life


Our staff in Kenya have asked for prayer!

  • Pray for our grade six students as they prepare for KEPSEA national exams.
  • Pray for Agnes, a member of our kitchen staff who has been unwell. 
  • Pray for grade seven students as they head home tomorrow for a school break!