A letter from our Founder, Christi Gordy…

“We cannot thank you enough for your support of Canopy Life International this past year! 2022 was a year of such tremendous growth, both organizationally and personally, that it took my breath away.

Our goal for the year was to increase our capacity and prepare for the growth that is quickly headed our way, which meant adding the right people in the right roles to help us grow. God not only provided the people for these positions who are passionate, skilled, and well aligned with our needs and values, but He also brought them into the story with perfect timing. They were able to run the organization while I stepped aside so my husband and I could welcome our son, Shepard, into the world and enjoy our first months as first-time parents. Even a year ago, this kind of margin to focus on my family-life would not have been possible. However, thanks to your generosity, God’s faithfulness, and the leadership 
of our staff and boards, Canopy Life is growing in timely, appropriate, and healthy ways.

Through this growth, we have welcomed new donors into our family which has resulted in even more impact in the lives of our students. You will learn more about this in the pages that follow. Our students are increasing in their confidence, and our work is providing room for God to shape their character and vision for their future. We are so blessed that our Canopy Life community is expanding to include new networks and voices. 

Thank you to everyone who is making this story possible. We could not do the amazing work that is shown through this report without your prayers, donations, advocacy, and heart for our mission.”


Christi Gordy, Founder & Executive Director