We have been truly amazed by how much God has allowed to happen over the last year at the Canopy Life Campus! We’ve had the privilege of a front row seat to all of these happenings on our campus, and we want to share a bit of that with you through our 2021 Annual Report.

With YOUR help, we have been able to accomplish some amazing things over this last year!

Stats from the last year at Canopy Life Academy.  3245 lessons taught, 432 counseling sessions, 27530 meals served, and 246 Innovation sessions
  • Our teachers taught 3,249 lessons last year. This puts our curriculum at Canopy Life on par with elite schools in the country!
  • 432 Counseling sessions took place to help our students with their mental and emotional health!
  • Our incredible staff served 27,530 Meals to keep our students nourished and ready to learn!
  • 246 Innovation sessions have taken place that have helped expand the minds of our students!

Milestones in the last year

In addition to these statistics, we have been able to accomplish some really significant milestones as well! Below are some of the highlights that we are particularly proud of from this past year…

We launched a coding program in the last year.
Coding classes and the ability to code is going to be a huge game changer for our students when they are ready to enter the workforce some day!
We launched high school programs
Secondary school programs have made their way to Canopy Life! This has been HUGE for our campus and our students – it’s a dream come true.
We created a master plan for our future on the Canopy Life campus.
There are big plans for the future of our Canopy Life Campus and this master plan is now a road map for us to follow as we continue to brave a path forward for our students!
Last year, our students scored in the top 25% of the nation on the KCPE exam
THIS. IS. HUGE. We repeat, this is huge! We are so incredibly proud of our students for landing amongst the top 25% in the nation when it came to their Kenya Certificate of Primary Education exams.
In the last year, we created our first annual strategic plan
At Canopy Life, we want to always make sure that we are stewarding the resources that God has entrusted us with in the best ways possible. This strategic plan is helping us do just that!

If you would like to view our whole 2021 Annual Report, click here!