At Canopy Life Academy, our mission is to prepare Kenyan children to create a better future for their communities. We desire to be a nurturing place, much like a tree canopy, where African students can grow and thrive. The canopy of a tree acts as a protective layer, where outside life can take shelter. Not only is the canopy the most beautiful, visible part of a tree, it is also essential to the well being of the entire forest. The canopy’s root system is what supplies it with nutrient-rich food. The healthier the root system on the ground, the more expansive the canopy is at the top.

That’s why, between now and the end of the year, Canopy Life is focusing on widening our support team (or, as we like to describe it, “deepening our root system”) in three specific areas: relationships, resources, and sharing the Canopy Life story with a wider audience. We are calling this initiative the Canopy 100.

In 100 Days (beginning September 22 and ending December 31) our goal is to:

  • Equip 100 sponsors to mentor students through our child sponsorship program.
  • Raise $100,000, enabling us to focus our energy and resources on the facilities and staff necessary to continue growing the school.
  • Share the Canopy Life story with 100 new friends in small group-style settings.

100 Child Sponsors
Building and Strengthening Relationships

We have seen time and time again the power of multiple mentors in the life of a child, and that is why Canopy Life goes beyond a simple one-to-one sponsorship program. In order to make the greatest possible impact in the life of a child, each student has five sponsors creating a “sponsor family.” This ensures they are provided with imagination-enabling programs, life-changing discipleship, and ongoing concern for their 24/7 care, education, food, clothing, and medical needs.

In January 2016, the Academy will welcome a fresh class of 4th graders through our doors. During Canopy 100, our goal is to see every child in our program, both current and incoming, be surrounded with a complete sponsor family before the end of the year. This means we are asking people to commit to sponsorship before some students have even been identified. We think of this as the way parents love their child even before they know if the baby will be a boy or a girl or have chosen a name.

Investing in Great People, Amazing Programs, and Current & Future Students

It’s no secret that it takes financial funding to keep a school like Canopy Life open. During Canopy 100, our goal is to raise $100,000. This funding will enable us to add a new 4th grade class in January, and will allow our current class of 4th graders to continue with the Academy in 5th grade.

Here are three ways you can help us accomplish this goal:

  1. Include Canopy Life in your year-end giving.
  2. Participate in Giving Tuesday by making a donation to Canopy Life on December 1.
  3. Leverage your network of influence on behalf of Canopy Life and raise $1,000 by asking 10 of your friends to give $100 each.

100 Cups of Coffee
Becoming a Community of Story Tellers

In order to grow our root system, Canopy Life needs to share our story with a wider audience. Our goal is to share a cup of coffee (or tea, Coke, etc.) in informal settings like at kitchen tables and on living room furniture with 100 new friends before the end of the year.

You can help us meet this goal by inviting 5-7 friends to gather around your kitchen table to share a cup of coffee and hear the story God is writing through Canopy Life Academy and its students. Christi, our founder, would be thrilled to join you during this time of sharing or equip you with dialogue and resources in advance. You provide the caffeine, we’ll bring the story.

As we prepare children in Kenya to create a better future for their communities, we can’t say enough how grateful we are for the support system we have here in the United States. Are you ready for what God has in store for our community during the remainder of 2015? For more information about Canopy Life Academy and Canopy 100, connect with us online through, Facebook, and Instagram.