You can help transform the lives of children and their communities in rural Kenya

Millions of children in rural Kenya struggle in poverty without a clear path to abundance.

That’s why we started Canopy Life Academy, a school to help children in rural Kenya solve problems, start businesses, & create innovative solutions to lead their families and communities out of poverty.

By donating monthly to Canopy Life International you are making a difference; not just in the lives of individual children, but in the lives of entire communities. 100% of your gift goes to provide life-changing education for students who need it.

With your help, our students can achieve a thriving life where they can provide for the people they love.

Be a part of what God is doing to grow Kenya’s future leaders!

The Core Teaching Strategies at Canopy Life enable students to think critically and creatively about the content and about their own learning. This builds both self-confidence and problem-solving ability, as students use content in authentic ways. The teachers at Canopy help students connect their hearts to their minds, so that learning is a joyful journey.

Ann Scott Hanks

Principal, City Academy of Atlanta

I thank God that (my child) joined this school. She has learned a lot about God, how to live well with others, and has gained a lot of confidence.

Student Parent

Nairobi, Kenya

Canopy Life Academy brings a unique and powerful methodology to the development of the next generation of Kenyan leaders. Students are taught to think differently, to dream up creative solutions to difficult problems, and to use their influence to serve others with love and integrity.

Dr. Sara Musgrove

Leaders Lyceum

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Support our students in Kenya for as little as $10 a month and you will receive full access to our online community. 


Provide food for 1 student at Canopy Life. For $50 a month, you can provide 3 nourishing meals a day for a student at Canopy Life Academy each month.


Our spiritual program grows a student’s practical faith. $100 a month will support daily devotions, weekly Sunday School, and ongoing spiritual guidance for our students.


You can support Canopy Life’s academic staff who use our unique core teaching strategies to develop critical thinking mindsets and problem solving skills in our students.

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