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Between now and December 1, 2020

we are raising $25,000 for Kenya programs in 2021!

Here are some of our 2021 needs:


 One Year’s Clothing

$140 per child  

Includes uniform, play clothes, pj’s, underwear and shoes for all occasions!

Need: 30 • Total Need: $4,200 for all students

 Term Birthday Party


We have 3 parties a year for all the birthdays that fall in that term.

Need: 3  • Total Need: $240

Family Fun Day


Getting away for fun and fellowship with staff and students.

Need: 3  • Total Need: $300


Family Training

$300 per training  

Covers all food, transportation and curriculum for parent seminars and student family ministry. 

Need: 3 • Total: $900 for 3 seminars in 2021

 Transition to Adulthood Training

$50 per child

3 day seminar to counsel students through the coming-of-age cultural practices in Kenya.

Need: 16  • Total Need: $800 for all students

Trauma Training

  $300 per training   

 Kutoa Project training to prepare staff to deal with student trauma.

Need: 1 • Total: $300



$125 per student  

We need to purchase new textbooks in the new national curriculum for all Grade 5 students.

Need: 16 • Total Need: $2,200 for all students 

 Teacher Training

$150 per teacher

Seminars to walk teacher through the new national curriculum.

Need: 4  • Total Need: $600 for all teachers


 Tinkering Supplies

$55 per student  

Renewable supplies for students to practice the handiwork skills needed to create prototypes.

Need: 30 • Total Need: $1,650 for all students

 Innovation Workbooks

$12 per student  

Need: 30  • Total Need: $360 for all students

Innovation Camp


All supplies for a multi-session entrepreneurial workshop with all high schoolers.

Need: 1  • Total Need: $300




Cover part or all of our Kenyan audit costs.

Need: 1 • Total Need: $800 

Keep The Lights On


Electricity makes our world go round! This includes powering our water pump, lights and appliances, as well as buying fuel for the backup generator.

Need: 10  • Total Need: $3000



Keep our stoves burning and our food cooking.

Need: 10  • Total Need: $800



 Staff Spiritual Development

$50 per person  

Overnight prayer and fasting retreat for 20 people.

Need: 20 • Total Need: $1,000 for all staff

 Staff Health Insurance

$340 per person  

Premium in-patient insurance for our 20 staff members. 

Need: 20  • Total Need: $6,200 for all staff

 Team Building Day

$35 per person  

Teams that play together stay together. This workshop builds teamwork and organizational culture.

Need: 20  • Total Need: $700 for all staff


 Feed the Campus for a Day

$50 per day  

Provides breakfast and dinner for all students as well as lunch for all students and staff.

Need: 300 • Total Need: $14,000 for the year

 Basic Supplies

$140 per week  

Provides toiletries, soaps, kitchen supplies, etc. for the students and residential staff. 

Need: 36  • Total Need: $5,000 for the year.

 Repairs and Maintenance

$300 per month  

Provides everything from basic home repairs to facility maintenance.

Need: 12  • Total Need: $3,600 for the year

We have received a matching grant for $12,500

 $40,000 for today (DEC 1) only!

Which means every dollar you give today will be doubled in impact up!

$1 = $2 impact!

Items have been added to the catalog above to reflect more of our pressing 2021 needs. 


  • You have raised $12,500 which has been matched totaling $25,000 of our original goal of $25,000 to cover some of our 2021 needs! 100% 100%
  • UPDATED MATCHING FUNDS FOR DEC 1 ONLY! You have raised $40,001 which has been matched totaling $80,000 towards our NEW Giving Tuesday match potential of $80,000 100% 100%

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