HOMELIFE UPDATES: Relationship Building and Teamwork

Throughout July, we focused on two topics: relationship building and teamwork.

With relationship building, our main goal is to help our students understand different types of relationships you can have in your life, as well as equip them with skills that will help them build healthy relationships! We also worked with them on identifying the differences between healthy and unhealthy relationships. This was very interesting to the students and each of them took time to analyze the quality of the relationships in their lives, what kind of relationships they had and whether they were healthy or unhealthy. Also involved in this lesson was a bit of role play where the children acted out different scenarios demonstrating healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships, it was a lot of fun!

When it came to lessons on teamwork, our main objective was to help them understand the qualities of effective teamwork, as well as the benefits of teamwork! Some of the highlights of this lesson were the team building activities we did. It was really encouraging to see the students apply the skills they learned as they took part in the activities. Not only did they apply these skills throughout the activities, but we have also been noticing them incorporating them in their day to day routines, like class projects and cleaning duties!


During our evening mentorship sessions, we have been simultaneously nurturing values of respect and kindness. These are crucial in cultivating a harmonious and compassionate community, reflecting Christ’s love and teachings. Our exploration of those two things has illuminated the significance of honoring each individual’s worth, promoting empathy, and cherishing diversity. Delving into kindness has inspired us to engage in thoughtful acts of generosity and extend a helping hand to others in need!

teamwork in games at Canopy Life


Our Grade 7 students concluded their first KNEC (Kenya National Examination Council) examinations, which included diverse projects such as crafting a vegetarian meal, administering first aid to an injured person, executing a computer project, and engaging in sports like Javelin and Basketball.

We also organized inter-class games, fostering teamwork not only among the students but also the staff. These assessments and collaborative activities have contributed significantly to the holistic development of the students, enhancing their practical skills, problem-solving abilities, and team spirit.

cooking a vegetarian meal at Canopy Life
teamwork while cooking at Canopy Life

INNOVATION UPDATES: Robotics, Teamwork, and Design Thinking

Grade 6

Our Grade 6 innovation students are studying Robotics! In this course, they have been instructed on basic robotics which included circuits and applications of robots in day to day life. 

For their practicals, we had them create different basic bots, including an artbot, motor-driven toy car, and a leaping frog! 

teamwork robotics at Canopy Life
robotics and teamwork at Canopy Life

Grade 7

Our Grade 7 innovation students have been studying two different topics this last month:

1. Drafting business plans.

2. Working on the St. Joseph’s magnet project. They were involved in a design thinking process from defining the problem, empathizing with the user, ideating on different concepts, prototyping and testing the product.


Our staff in Kenya have asked for prayer!

● Please pray for our students as they prepare for their end term exams!