We want to take this day to honor and wish all mothers out there, especially those connected to Canopy Life, a very Happy Mother’s Day!

A few members of our U.S staff recently had the opportunity to visit our campus in Kenya. While there, they also made a visit to a few of our student’s homes back in their communities. Abby, our Development and Communications Manager in our U.S office, had the opportunity to talk with Delight’s mom, Janet…

She learned that Delight was the first born in her family, and is truly her mother’s best friend! Janet told us that letting Delight go to Canopy Life was the hardest thing she has ever done, and said “having her leave home was like cutting the umbilical cord for the first time”. 

When Delight first began her schooling at Canopy Life, her mother was skeptical of the school, solely because of the fact that Canopy Life is a boarding school and Delight would now be living on campus. Because of this, she would visit campus often to make sure Delight was okay. When she saw how much Delight loved being on campus, Janet started to lighten up a bit. On school breaks, Delight would come home and take care of the house, her siblings, and her younger cousin, she was also able to recite scripture and apply it to her life. It was a big change that Janet and Delight’s father were seeing in her! 

Janet is so thankful for all that Canopy Life has done, and she says to everyone who has made Canopy Life possible – donors, volunteers, sponsors, staff, etc, “May God bless you!”

Delight with her mother and father