Canopy Life is developing leaders who can bring change to their communities in Kenya. Below is a story about one of our students on campus told by our Homelife Director, Linah! Through ongoing counseling with Canopy High School students, she was able to learn about this story that attests to the life change happening in our students!

Canopy Life students have noticed something different in David.

“Each time I meet with our high schoolers, we go through highs and lows, and catch up on how their school break break went…Were there any highlights?

…At my last visit with them at the beginning of this term, Grace (a Canopy Life high school student) mentioned that her highlight was the change she has witnessed in David, who lives in her community. Other students who also attended this specific high school in Karogoto community began telling me that David, a Canopy Life middle school student, is being recognized in the village due to the changes people have seen in him! They attribute the positive changes they see in him, as God working through Canopy Life to help change his life for the better.

The talk of the village… in the best way!

One example the students reported, is that he is more confident. He can maintain conversations with people which he couldn’t do before joining Canopy Life. They said, he is cleaner. He’s more responsible and trustworthy. His villagers can ask him for help when needed and he helps to the best of his ability.

Grace told me there is a mother in the village who stopped her and told her that if she’s in the same school with David, it’s a good school because David is no longer a problem for the community. She went on to tell Grace that David was known as a petty ‘home lifter’,  and was very arrogant and insulting to others.

Grace could also attest to the changes seen in David, saying, ‘David can now hold a conversation with his school mates. He maintains eye contact and doesn’t turn his face down while talking. Before joining Canopy Life , he would run away when talked to and hide. He has gained a lot of confidence with time and now attends the same church as her and is active in her Sunday school.”

LInah Njeri, Homelife Director

Developing leaders at Canopy Life

Our students’ communities are noticing the changes we have seen in them! It is a small glimpse into a much bigger vision… One day, our students will bring change to their communities and help end the cycle of poverty.