At Canopy Life we believe that Passion + Focused Generosity = Meaningful Impact.  

This means that the more your passions and generosity align, the greater the difference you will make in the world and the more joy you will find in giving. 

One of the areas we are passionate about at Canopy Life Academy is quality education where students are growing a critical-thinking MINDSET. 

Why Education?

Did you know that 100% of primary education in Kenya is currently lecture-based? This means the teacher is doing the talking, and the student is not actively engaged. 

At Canopy Life, we believe that the person doing the talking in the classroom is the person who is doing the thinking. This means that in lecture-based classrooms, the teacher is doing all the thinking. 

In order to impact change in Kenya – to develop godly leaders who innovate and create businesses- our students MUST develop a critical-thinking mindset.

Canopy Life is making an impact – now.

At Canopy Life, we are equipping students with the mindset they need to solve problems.

Francis, a student at Canopy Life, is a great example of why Kenya needs Canopy Life Academy.


Francis came to Canopy Life Academy as a 5th grader with a giant sparkle in his eye. Although Francis grasped new concepts quickly, he had never learned to read and write. His literacy level was lower than that of a first-grader. 

A. First. Grader.

In many Kenyan schools, like the schools Francis would attend in his village, it is common for teachers to use harsh physical punishment.

At best, a child in this situation struggles to survive in classrooms with high student-teacher ratios. Receiving the attention needed to succeed in these cases is highly unlikely.

At Canopy Life, Francis continued to attend his classes with his peers but spent time working with our staff to catch up to the level of the other students. Our campus pastor would take time from his daily responsibilities to help out with this task. He learned to read and write. Our staff saw his potential and stopped at nothing to see him succeed!

The education system often overlooks the needs of boys like Francis.  Had he stayed at his old school, his school career would have ended after the 8th grade (because free public education in Kenya ends in the 8th grade). 

Now, not only is Francis reading nearly at grade level, but he is learning problem-solving and entrepreneurial skills that will impact Kenya greatly.

What is the long-term impact of quality education at Canopy Life?

The goal is that when our students move on from Canopy Life, they will leave equipped with the critical-thinking mindset and entrepreneurial skills they need to create businesses and lead their families and community out of poverty. For more stats, check out our Economic Impact Report.

Your passion for quality education + focused generosity can make a big impact. Here’s how:

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