If you have ever traveled to a new place, you know a journey like that is filled with new experiences! Last month, our head teacher, Rachel arrived in Atlanta to receive training in our Canopy Life core teaching strategies. She also met with our partners and did some strategic planning with Christi. But if you embark on a trip for work, and there’s not a little fun and a lot of good food, did it really happen? We think not. Rachel definitely had a full week! Here are a few of her adventures:


We are so grateful for our partners who love our students and staff at Canopy Life. Their generosity to pour encouragement and relationships into our staff is beautiful. Thank you, friends, for taking time to make Rachel feel welcome!

Rachel and Lisa Leeper
First time bowling!
Rachel and Patti Hunter
Rachel and Cindy Poundstone


Rachel visited the Georgia Aquarium. It was crazy busy due to the Easter holiday crowd, but she had a blast!


The only true American food is our cultural diversity: Mexican, Mediterranean, southern, hibachi…Rachel tried all sorts of cuisine. We ate at a LOT of restaurants. We didn’t get any pictures of all the homemade food, but we promise her belly was blessed with some down-home southern cooking.

Rachel’s first fast food experience! When Chick-fil-a found out that it was Rachel’s first time in a US fast food restaurant, they comped her meal!


Rachel spent Easter at Parish Anglican Church and with Christi’s family.

Rachel and Shanda Agricola- Shanda will be traveling to Canopy Life this summer with the Parish Anglican team!
Bubbles with the family

Katie Pearl, the 9-year-old in her host home met her first thing in the morning with 2 pages of questions. That night, when she got back from training, Rachel spent hours answering them. This is exactly what hosting and creating these kinds of relationships is all about it!

Rachel and Katie Pearl

Rachel spoke to Legacy Intown’s 3rd-grade class. They were studying Kenya. So, this was a perfect time for Rachel to visit!

Ann Scott Hanks is the Principal at Legacy. She is also our academic advisor at Canopy Life!


A huge thanks to the Berrys, Nelsons, and McFaddens for hosting Rachel while she was in town.

Hangin’ out with the Nelson family


We are grateful to God for the opportunity and the leadership Rachel is going to bring to the academic focus at Canopy Life Academy. There are lots of obstacles and adventures ahead as we try to do what we feel God has called us to do academically and work with the Kenyan government to find a way forward.