Friday, January 18, 2019 was an incredible day as we dedicated our new home/campus to the Lord.  We have been in awe of God’s goodness as He has provided not only a way forward for Canopy Life Academy, but also a place of beauty and peace.

The new home is beautiful and situated in the valley behind Koma Hill, Kenya (about 45 minutes from Nairobi).


Over 120 parents, partners, neighbors and friends showed up to celebrate with us!


Aligned with our newly defined values of :Beauty, Belonging and Innovation, the new home is a place of order and harmony that puts your heart at rest. Jody Green, of Cloudwalk Ministries, was our designer and did a fantastic job with the home.


Special artwork from Kenyan baskets were a big hit!

The kitchen is large enough to accommodate cooking for 24 students and the staff for three meals a day.


Our pantry, while still needing to be fully stocked, is organized for efficiency and stewardship.

The girls room: their bedding was made out of Kenyan lesos and fleece. The visitors were especially amazed that we would take something so common and make something beautiful out of it.


Our students were extremely excited to be tour guides, sharing the new home and our values with their visiting parents and friends. Here, Mercy shares why our living room is so meaningful in providing family experiences and beauty.

The ceremony was started in Worship, then Abbu shared the history of Canopy Life.

Steve talked about “Why Canopy”, our students performed a song and then Pastor Harun Kamau shared from the Word about trusting God.


We had 7 people cut the ribbon at the end of our ceremony. each one representing the parts of Canopy Life: from left to right: US Staff (Christi Gordy), Kenya Staff (Abbu), Parents (Mama Andrew), Boys (Chris), Girls (Milkah), Kenya Board (Jacob Njagi) and US Board (Suzanne McFadden)