Things are moving steadily forward in Kenya as we work to build a new home for Canopy Life students. Today, we want to share some updates on our latest progress.

Heavy rains are on their way, so we’re working to purchase materials for the foundation and get them onsite before the dirt roads near the property become difficult to navigate with large machinery. Meanwhile, we’re waiting on the government offices to approve the building plans created by our structural engineer and architect.

While we wait, we thought we’d give you a sneak peek of the draft version of our building plans! Remember, there’s still a lot to confirm and create, but we’re excited to see the new home for our students take shape.

This is the draft plan for a 2-story residence. The downstairs has apartments to house 24 kids, houseparents, and caretakers. The upstairs holds apartments and meeting rooms for other staff housing and offices. The long-term vision of Canopy Life is to have 5 of these homes on our campus.


Our long-term vision for the campus is for it to have 5 homes and 2 classroom buildings, totaling 18 classes and office rooms.


Our next step: Classroom building with 4 classes and 2 workrooms


At Canopy Life, what happens in our classrooms is about way more than just education—it’s also about heart change and mentoring opportunities. (To read more about what makes our classrooms unique, click HERE.) That’s why our top priority is to complete the first classroom block of 4 classes and 2 workrooms. In order to make this happen, we need to raise about 50K. If you’re interested in giving to this project, you can go to

We’re excited to see how things come together and solidify as we gain permits and acquire the resources necessary to make this part of the Canopy Dream come true. Stay tuned for more to come!