This past Friday, February 23, was a huge day for Canopy Life Academy! That’s because we officially broke ground on our new two-acre campus in Koma Hill, Kenya. Before our kids headed home for their midterm break, the parents, staff, and students gathered on the new property to celebrate, worship, dedicate, and give thanks.

Our students have been waiting so long to see the fruit of their patience. They had a great day—and not just because they were headed home for midterm break!


Architect, James Kihoro, showed the parents plans for the property and buildings.


All this took place in the shadow of the hill. Yes, Koma Hill actually has a hill!


Campus Director, Abbu Odhiambo, wielded the ceremonial groundbreaking shovel.

But what he really wanted was to get his chance at this backhoe.


And sure enough, he did! I guess there are perks to being campus director. (Please note the actual backhoe operator hugging him from behind to do the work.) When asked about his experience with the backhoe versus the shovel, Abbu just said, “We’re serious about this groundbreaking work. This whole plot will be excavated and ready for buildings within the week.”


One of our favorite moments was when the students’ parents had a chance to turn a shovel for the groundbreaking. We love that every family got involved and felt ownership on this occasion.


And, of course, the ceremony wouldn’t have been complete without our Canopy Life kids taking their hand to the shovel and cementing their place in the journey of this campus.


Our staff had a blast. Here’s Collett and Linah, with Mama Gladys, Peter, and Margaret in the background.


Teacher Margaret (left) and Alice (right)


At the end of the day, this is how we all felt: content and at peace.


We are so grateful for God’s faithfulness and provision on this journey, and for each of your prayers and support! We’ll keep you updated as the project continues.