It’s time to announce our trip dates for 2018.

This year we have several teams that will be for travelers with specific skills around the design of our new design and developing our entrepreneurial programs. If you’re interested in these trips, please email

However, we will be taking an AMAZING “field trip team” in June! Trip dates are June 14-23, 2018. This is specifically scheduled over the midterm break so that we can have the most time with our kids.

Our tentative itinerary involves spending 2-3 days taking our students on field trips around Kenya to build their idea banks, a day or so in the rural homes of our students doing home visits, visiting their parents and learning more about their rural life, a day on our new campus and in another Kenyan school, and a day/night on safari.

Deadline for trip application is March 1! You can learn more or apply for the team by clicking here.