This fall, we’re so excited to be telling some of the stories of Canopy Life’s students. As the school year draws to a close, we’ve got to witness so many changes first-hand the past several months. As a school focused on developing Kenya’s future leaders, it’s incredible to see how the kids are already leading—not only their peers, but sometimes adults as well.
A few weeks ago, two of our Global Mentors, Bishop and Cory Kick, had the opportunity to Skype with their student Grace. Teacher Pip sits in on the majority of the kids Skype calls with Sponsors and Global Mentors, and she told me this story from that day:

Grace is one of our youngest students—she just turned 9 over the summer. At the end of term two, all the kids in Deep Roots Discipleship Arts class talked about How To Make Disciples. In class, they made books that depicted God’s story. The idea was that the books would give the kids a tool for sharing the gospel. They were encouraged to bring them home on break to share with their friends, family, and neighbors.

The week before break, Grace asked if she could bring her God’s Story book to her Skype call with Bishop thekicksand Cory. During their conversation, she asked if she could share it with them. Of course, the Kicks were excited to see Grace’s project and said yes. Grace went through it all, page by page, and described every detail. When she got to the page about how Jesus came so we can have a relationship with Him, she paused, put the book down and said very sincerely, “So, do you know Jesus?”

Without missing a beat, Bishop and Cory responded, “Yes, we’ve been Christians for a long time.” They went on to explain how they go to church, and like to pray and read their Bibles. Grace smiled and nodded as they spoke. She then followed up with, “So, are you staying there?” Bishop said, “What do you mean?” Grace implored, “Are you content to stay where you are at just knowing Him or are you growing?”

Pip, Bishop, and Cory were blown away by the insight and earnestness of Grace’s questions. They talked about what it looks like to have a growing relationship with Jesus. As they spoke, Grace paused for one more question: “Did you know you’re like a tree? A tree needs water and food to grow, and so do you. You need to read His Word and talk to Him and love Him more.”

We’re so thankful for the ways our kids are growing (just like trees!), and for our Global Mentors and Sponsors who are encouraging them along the way. It’s amazing the impact an adult with a patient, listening ear can have on the heart of a child. If you’d like to find out more about Canopy Life’s Child Sponsorship program, please click HERE.